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From the Bresse chicken kingdom to the Georges Blanc country, the gastronomy is the essential of the region. Traditional cooking of the region or the world, famous restaurant or today’s special meal, a wide range of restaurants welcome you for every tastes and budgets.

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Clos de la Bierle cellar
01450 Poncin
Domaine du Clos de la Bierle, family business, you will be greeted with ... Domaine du Clos de la Bierle, family business, you will be greeted with warmth for the discovery of our Cru Cerdon, ancestral method that is local and ancient tradition.
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Domaine de la Dentelle
01160 Saint-Martin-du-Mont
Domaine ANTOINE Véronique
01250 Bohas-Meyriat-Rignat
Grumeur winery
01000 Bourg-en-Bresse
Domaine Jean Bernard Tournier caveau ...
01370 Courmangoux
Chèvrerie du Mont Lovet - Earl
01250 Journans
La Combes aux Rêves
01250 Journans
EARL Domaine de la Belière
01250 Bohas-Meyriat-Rignat
Le Caveau du Revermont
01370 Val-Revermont
Grobon Gabin - Domaine En Très Vent
01160 Saint-Martin-du-Mont
Folliat Roland
01160 Saint-Martin-du-Mont
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