Keyboard shortcuts (accesskey)

Key 0 = Go to accessibility page
Key 1 = Go to the homepage
Key 3 = Go to site map
Key 4 = Go to Search
Key 7 = Contact by email

Note: there is no standard in terms of choice of keyboard shortcuts, however, a recommended list was drawn by the site Accessiweb.


Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Netscape (Windows): hold down the Shift and Alt key, and on one of the accesskey of the keyboard (not the numeric keypad). You will go directly to the desired location. Note: on a type of keyboard “QWERTY” or “QWERTZ” (German), the Shift key is useless for the accesskey.
Internet Explorer (Windows): hold down the Alt key and one of the accesskey of the keyboard (not the numeric keypad) and press Enter to get to the desired location Opera (Windows, Mac and Linux): Esc + Shift and accesskey
Safari, Internet Explorer (Mac OS X): Ctrl and accesskey
Mozilla, Netscape (Mac OS X): Ctrl and accesskey
Mozilla Firefox, Galeon (Linux): Alt and accesskey
Konqueror (Linux): Ctrl and accesskey (successively)
older browsers such as Netscape 4, Safari before version 1.2, Opera Windows / Linux before version 7) does not support accesskeys

Compliance with W3C standards

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Structure and presentation
The use of CSS positioning properties, by completely separating presentation and content, allows documents to keep out a coherent order CSS menus, title, content.
The scripts on the site of the Bourg-en-Bresse Tourist Office not used for any function essential to navigation or page consultation. These are accessible without Javascript.